Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (HICAST)


Agricultural Revolution Through Quality Education

About Us

Agriculture is the engine of growth for Nepal. The country’s economy in general and farmer’s livelihood in particular has been rising and falling with vicissitudes in national agricultural polices as well as ecological, economic, politico-environmental factors. Besides these, productivity, diversification and industrialization of agriculture sector is hampered by the farmers’ and national business players attitude and capabilities too, with the lack of interest to accept smart marketing system and science  and technology friendly agricultural practices. Since agriculture is the mainstay of nearly 65 percent of the population, to grasp the profiles of development in its various facets, it is very necessary to diversify, modernize and enlarge the present states of agriculture in Nepalese economy.

The very low performance of agriculture until now is due to the age old traditional farming system accompanied with lack of technically well- equipped human hands and scientifically trained minds to  incorporate time proven indigenous knowledge and rich biodiversity at local level. It can be emphatically said that building human assets able to effectively and efficiently manage available resources and opportunities and transform them to the realities of moving Nepal towards hunger free and prosperous society and achieving the global agenda of Millennium Development Goals. Keeping these facts in mind, Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (HICAST) was established, in the month of June 2000, by a dedicated community of agricultural and veterinary scientist, academics and professionals.

HICAST thrives with sound academic practices between its teachers, students along with other stake holders by interacting with real life situations in the class rooms, in the community, on the farms and at the teaching/research laboratory benches followed by intensive internship period in the field. Examination is not a sudden test or obstacles in the life of students of  HICAST but a continuous learning process that starts with the informal assessment of the student’s attentions, attitude, behavior and state of mind to the subject matter and it ends with the formal assessment of theoretical and practical knowledge and academic achievements both at the college and university level in each semester.



“Agricultural revolution through quality education”

HICAST has a very rich collective of highly qualified and experienced faculties with national and international reputation. The college uses interactive and practical action oriented learning approaches. So far the college has produced above 350 graduates both with bachelor and master degrees. Quite a good number of bachelor graduates have accomplished Master degrees in developed countries and some are doing Ph.D. HICAST graduates have been absorbed in the government offices as well as NGOs and International NGOs in the country and abroad as well.

Who are We? 

HICAST was founded in May 25, 2000 with the initiatives of following founder members.

Our Founders


Dr. Binayak Prasad Rajbhandari, Ph.D.


Dr. Bidur Prasad Chaulagain, Ph.D.

Dr. Mana Raj Kolachhapati, Ph.D.

Dr. Mohan Kharel, Ph.D.

Mr. Beda Nidhi Dahal, M.Tech. 

Ms. Meena Pandit, M.S. 

 Ms. Sagun Bista, M.S. 

Dr. Naba Raj Devkota, Ph.D.

Dr. Neeraj Narayan Joshi, Ph.D.

Dr. Sarba Raj Khadka, Ph.D.

  Ms. Rashmi Dhaubhadel, M.S.

 Dr. Rebati Man Shrestha, M.V.Sc.


We provide excellence in education