Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry (B.V.Sc. and A.H.) is a 5 year program with 1-9 semester (4.5 years) where basic sciences plus core disciplines of veterinary sciences are taught. In the final year (last semester being the 10), 6 months internship is made where the students have to be engaged with several institutions [Veterinary hospitals, Registered clinics, Livestock farms etc.] on rotation and learn practical skills. A total of 207 credits is allocated for the program during the periods of 5 years. This includes 122 credit theory and 85 credits practical and 6 credits internship.


Dr. Anupama Shrestha Associate Professor Ph.D. Biotechnology
Dr. Arjun Pandit Assistant Professor M.V.Sc. Theriogenology
Dr. Badri Bd Singh Dangol Visiting Professor Ph.D. Extension Education
Dr. Banshi Sharma Adj Professor M.Sc. Molecular Biology
Dr. Bhola Mehar Shrestha Visiting Professor M.V.Sc. Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Bhuwaneshwor Sharma Professor M. Phil. Animal Science
Dr. Bidur Chaulagain Professor Ph.D. Biotechnology
Dr. Bodh Nath Adhikari Professor M.V.Sc. Animal Nutrition
Dr. Chet Raj Upreti  Visiting Professor  Ph.D. Animal Nutrition
Dr. Dhoj Raj Khanal Adj Professor Ph.D. .Clinical Science
Dr. Dinesh Parajuli Professor Ph.D. Animal Science
Dr. Kamal B Lama  Visiting Professor  M.V.Sc. Surgery
Dr. Krishna B Shrestha  Professor  M.V.Sc Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Krishna P Adhikari Assistant Professor M.V.Sc Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Krishna P Paudel Adj Professor Ph.D. Vet. Gynecology & Obstratis
Dr. Madhav Acharya  Adj Professor  M.V.Sc. Virology
Dr. Madhusudan Man Singh Professor MSc. Zoology, Ph.D. [Bee Production]
Dr. Mahesh Thakur  Assistant Professor  M.V.Sc. Pharmacology
Dr. Maheshwor Dahal Adj Assistant Professor M.Sc. Animal Breeding
Dr. Man Raj Kolakshapatti Professor Ph.D. Animal Breeding
Dr. Meera Prajapati Adj Associate Professor  M.V.Sc. Virology
Dr. Megh Raj Tiwari Professor Ph.D. Animal Nutrition
Dr. Mohan Kharel  Visiting Professor Ph.D. Animal Breeding
Dr. Mohan Sharma  Visiting Professor  Ph.D. Animal Breeding
Dr. Mukti Narayan Shrestha Visiting Professor B.V.Sc. &A.H., MS, PGS     (Veterinary Medicine)
Dr. Nab Raj Shrestha Adj. Assistant Professor  M.V.Sc. Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Nanda P Shrestha Adj. Professor Ph.D. Animal Breeding
Dr. Nar B Rajwar  Visiting Professor  M.V.Sc. Animal Nutrition
Dr. Narayan P Ghimire Professor M.V.Sc. Veterinary Pathology
Dr. Navaratna Pradhan  Adj. Assistant Professor  M.V.Sc. Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Pramesh Chalise  Instructor  B.V.Sc & A.H.
Dr. Pratistha Joshi Assistant Professor  M.Sc. Agri Business Management
Dr. Purnima Manandhar  Professor  M.V.Sc. Vet Public Health Minor:Microbio
Dr. Raju Shrestha  Assistant Professor M.Sc. Meat Technology
Dr. Ram Chandra Sapkota Adj. Assistant Professor  M.V.Sc. Theriogenology
Dr. Ram Kumar Mandal Professor  M.Sc. Meat Technology
Dr. Rupendra Chaulagain  Associate Professor M.V.Sc. Parasitology
Dr. Samagya Kharel Assistant Professor   M.Sc. Animal Breeding
Dr. Shreeram P Neopane  Professor  Ph.D. Animal Breeding & Genetics
Dr. Sikha Rimal Assistant Professor  Master in Veterinary Public Health
Dr. Sita Ram Aryal Professor  Master in Veterinary Public Health
Dr. Subarana Man Pradhan Professor  Ph.D. Animal Nutrition
Dr. Subash Khatiwada  Assistant Professor  M.V.Sc. Physiology
Dr. Subash Paudel Assistant Professor  M.V.Sc. Veterinary Pathology
Dr. Sunil Sapkota Assistant Professor  M.Sc. Meat Technology
Dr. Umesh Dahal Adj Professor M.V.Sc. Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Umesh Mandal Assistant Professor  M.Sc. Dairy Technology
Dr. Upendra Man Singh Professor   Ph.D. Veterinary Pathology
Dr. Vijay Chandra Jha  Professor M.V.Sc. Vet Micro Biology
Mr. Kishor Shrestha Professor M.Sc. Pasture & Fodder
Mr. Kishore P Kayastha Professor MSc Animal Nutrition
Mr. Mukesh Dhital  Assistant Professor  M.Sc. Medical Biochemistry
Mr. Nanu Jha  Professor M.Sc. Agri Economics
Mr. Prabin Man Shakya Professor M.Sc. Meat Technology
Mr. Rameshwor Aryal Adj. Associate Professor M.Sc.  MPhil Statistics 
Mr. Rojan Karki  Assistant Professor M.Sc. Ag Agri Business Management
Ms. Sushila K.C Rana  Professor M.Sc. Zoology (Fisheries)